Live Education

Southern States-AACE 2019 Annual Meeting

February 15-17, 2019 | Birmingham, AL

A 3-day educational course for endocrinologists, MD/DOs, advance practice clinicians, and other interested healthcare professionals who are interested in the treatment of endocrine disease states that reside or practice in the state of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee.

Online Education

ACE Self-Assessment Program (ASAP):
Serum Lipids Disorders Module

The ASAP provides a core curriculum with updated information on the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and management of endocrine disease. Beginning with ASAP 2018, the curriculum will be updated every two years to keep endocrinologists at the cutting edge of the subspecialty. The ASAP provides new and practicing endocrinologists with an updated knowledge base and opportunities to apply their clinical decision-making skills to real-world cases, thereby improving their competence in delivering optimal endocrine care. ASAP also provides an opportunity for endocrinologists to meet part of the state licensure requirements for CME. Moreover, the program assists endocrinologists in preparation for and maintenance of their subspecialty certification.

AACE 2019 Annual Meeting

April 24–28, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA

Enhance patient care with information shared by the world's most respected endocrine clinicians. Hear about the intersection of medicine and online media from Dr. Kevin Pho, internal medicine physician and the genius behind Take advantage of all the opportunities to exchange practical ideas with your peers. Enjoy networking events and connecting with friends.